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RE:  "The Jazz Psalms" (Psalms Reborn with Carol Rogers) CD

Dear Chuck,

We just wanted to thank you for choosing Carol Rogers for your vocalist in the Jazz Psalms CD. What a delight to become acquainted with her voice in the Psalms, and also to become more familiar with the Psalms through her voice! Her range, her dynamics, her timbre, her clarity, authority, all are fantastic.  I initially struggled with this CD because I'm not comfortable with the jazz idiom, and additionally felt you'd perhaps taken liberties with the text (which I later realized was wrong - the songs are actually quite faithful to the word).  But I liked the melodicism, and the playfulness and inventiveness. The sense of spontaneous joy was definitely there. They don't call it "playing" music for nothing!

But really what caught me, ultimately was Carol's voice. The clarity of her tone is just perfect, her enunciation is excellent. Her voice really guides the hearer to focus on the word above the bass, drums, piano, and horns. Her competence and confidence make this music easy to relax and listen to.  I suffer the same problem as the Pharisees, in that I think I know the word when I really don't. So it's good to get repeatedly exposed to the word from every angle, and to break down my defenses and just surrender to God's flow in His Son. Enjoyable music is such a vehicle for the Lord to speak to us! "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly" by singing psalms, said Paul to the Colossians (3:16). He was right. Funny how that works, huh? Thanks again, and if you see her please pass along our appreciation.

Peace to you,

E.T.,  Boston, MA

Preview  Psalms Reborn with Carol Rogers CD here


RE:  Psalm 13 - "Blue Psalm"

I stumbled upon "Blue Psalm" very late last night, while taking a break from several writing projects. I was immediately comforted, which is paradoxical, because the music and words themselves are very sad.

I asked my elderly father to listen to Blue Psalm. He was very moved by it. After several listenings, he was able to sleep deeply for a full night after many nights of waking up at 3 a.m and being unable to get back to sleep.

My elderly mother, a classically-trained piano and vocal major also listened to Blue Psalm. She said, “Oh, this makes me want to cry.  ”When I asked why, she said, “It is so beautiful.”  I helped her get into bed. At about midnight, I heard her singing “Going Home,” to herself in the dark. This spiritual, as you may already remember, is based on Dvorak’s New World Symphony.  My mother has dementia, but also very accurate musical memory.  I think she was trying to find something to sing that approximated the feelings that the “Blue Psalm” created in her. So she selected Dvorak.

As I stated earlier, it is paradoxical that “Blue Psalm” was so comforting to my father and to me, since the words and music seem so sad. But I think sometimes when one has been dealing with organizational conflicts and challenges over a long period, one has to bury emotions deep inside in order to be an effective Leader.

And the traumas and trepidations get buried so deeply, that they take over one's life. There is no downtime, no R & R. Healing is unable to take place, even when one is away momentarily from the conflict.  And then a Psalm Song comes along that perfectly articulates those unexpressed emotions. One no longer feels afraid to face the fears and the grief.

One no longer has to worry about knowing what to pray for, because they now understand that God already knows what is in their heart.  And one knows that He is sending the help and sustenance that is so badly needed. And so one can pick oneself up again and continue with the charge they have been given. As we do to the least of them, so we do to Him.

The Lord led my father and me to your “Blue Psalm” at a very critical time. We are rested and renewed to continue His work for another day. Thank you.


Listen to Psalm 13 - "Blue Psalm"

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