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Certain artist-ministers affiliated with MSW maintain their own websites. Portions of their websites include video tutorials, books, or other educational materials that may be helpful to you in your development as a church musician. Below please find links to these helpful resources:

Chuck Marohnic is a pianist, composer/arranger, author, and educator whose current large-scale work for MSW is the creation of the Psalms Reborn Project. Chuck’s own website includes sections dedicated to video tutorials, music, and books.


Todd Johnson is a member of the innovative MSW trio Bass x 2 + 1, performing sacred and secular repertoire with Dwight Kilian and Vicki McDermitt. Todd is a virtuoso of the six-string electric bass and is also a wonderful arranger. His website includes video tutorials and information regarding private lesson instruction.

In addition to these partner sites, there are two other websites that may help you on your musical journey. One area commonly needing development in less experienced musicians is ear training. The level of truly hearing the music, understanding melody, harmony, rhythm, and so forth, is often overlooked in the rush to develop more technique on one’s chosen instrument.

The following (secular) sites offer great resources for the development of one’s ear. If you are a church musician who needs to continue to develop your ear, you are strongly encouraged to explore these websites to broaden your aural understanding of music. Both of the sites have content areas which are free of charge; neither is affiliated with Music Serving the Word Ministries. provides training with interval, scale, and chord recognition. offers assistance with interval recognition, chord types, melodic dictation, and other related subjects.

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