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Wherever MSW brings God's Word and music, we are actively leaving a footprint of justice and mercy.

MSW Ministries is uniquely positioned and equipped to serve the needs of a hurting world in Jesus' name, with the direct intent to minister to people where they are - and invite them to encounter the Good News of Jesus Christ!

MSW In Our Community (Greater Phoenix AZ)

Touching lives locally: Partnering at home

MSW offers personal mentoring and encouragement by walking through life with hurting people - bringing music, interactive worship and Bible study on a personal level. We pray that our consistent presense in their lives is seen as an example of God's faithfulness.

MSW helps organizations that are furthering the cause of Christ through acts of justice and mercy.  We perform music at fundraisers, celebrate worship with the homeless, and distribute food to the needy.  We primarily do this in partnership with organizations in the greater-Phoenix area.

MSW has on-going partnerships with: 

The flyers on this page give an idea of some of the local events we've participated in - find out more by visiting the Outreach BLOG.

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Local Events We've Participated In...

International Outreach:  Belarus


Since 2011, MSW has been conducting special outreach projects to the people of Belarus. Once part of the former Soviet Union, Belarus sits north Of Ukraine and west of Russia. It has a weak economy and poverty is widespread. 

Mission of Mercy to Belarus has provided humanitarian aid to Ushachi Hospital, Zhodino Emergency Children's Shelter, Sasha Chernitsky’s homeless ministry, as well as Chehovshchinskaya home for physically and developmentally disabled children.

We continue to help with the rebirth of the local church by helping Ludmilla Kozovaya build The Church Of St. Nikolis in Zvonia. Imagine: people in this village have had no church building since 1962!

Some of the projects we have completed:

  • Orphanage at Chehovschinskaya - New industrial washing machine and dryer
  • Church of St. Nikolis - Helped purchase roof, windows and floors, provided  generator for electricity, a well, and bells for the church tower
  • Ushachi Hospital - Furnished the new children’s play room with TV, DVD, karaoke equipment and video games, and couch. New computer equipment for Dr. Nikolai and his team

Learn more about the areas MSW is leaving footprints of justice and mercy in Belarus:

Read the Outreach Blog 

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Mission to Belarus Outreach Fund

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