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Monday, March 23 2015

Psalm 63 - "My Soul Thirsts" can be used for Communion, meditation, or as an anthem. It is a departure from the song formats, but a lovely opportunity to showcase your choir. Watch this video recorded on Oct. 24, 2014 at Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, Kentucky as part of The Jazz Psalms Encounter.

Charts and music track for this song are available at:…/psalm_63___my…/122/3106

Performed by Chuck Marohnic (pianist/composer) and sung by the Cathedral Choir directed by Dr. Philip Brisson. Recorded live on Oct. 24, 2014 at Cathedral of...
Chuck Marohnic
Composer - The Jazz Psalms Project
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Wednesday, March 18 2015
MSW in Sedona - Jazz at the Church

A great time was had by all at recently at St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Sedona.

Pictured here with Bishop David McMannes, our own Russ Schmidt was featured and played to a packed house with Dwight Kilian and Rob Moore.

Great original arrangements of classic jazz. 

Vicki McDermitt
Vocalist/Recording Artist
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Wednesday, March 11 2015
Ministry Happens Everywhere

I had the pleasure of being a part of Todd Johnson’s Bass Workshop in February where 15 bass players had come from all over the country to participate.
Todd and I had the opportunity to play for these bass players and we shared that we participate in ministry but this was not a focal point of this workshop.

While this was a music workshop with no Christian emphasis, it was amazing to hear of God’s work amongst these musicians.

During the workshop two different musicians struggled with issues that stood in their way of making music.  Seeing their struggle, a couple of the fellow musicians put it to prayer asking God to help them face the struggles so they could carry on with their music and continue with the workshop as they had wanted to. The power of those prayers brought confidence and peace to these two men and you could see the joy and excitement as they played.

These two men were changed that weekend in their technical ability to play an instrument but they were also deeply changed spiritually.  It reminded me that ministry happens everywhere. It happens in the secular world and it happens in the church world. As Christians we are called to meet people where they are, Love them, and help them take the next step toward Christ. Todd wasn’t just teaching walking bass lines that day.  He and those 15 servants where walking me towards understanding the power of a living God.

Dwight Kilian
Music Director
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Thursday, March 05 2015
We Love Mudd Theater!

Rob Moore setting up -- getting ready for ministry...

Dwight Kilian
Music Director
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Thursday, March 05 2015
We're Not In Phoenix Anymore!

Loving every minute in Claremont, California!

Dwight Kilian
Music Director
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Music Director
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Vocalist/Recording Artist
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