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Tools and Workshops

MSW is committed to helping churches and individual pastors, musicians, and visual artists improve the worship experiences of those they serve. In it truest form, worship should always be an outpouring of genuine praise and thanksgiving to God from the heart of His worshippers. It should not be focused on the opportunity for the worship team to “perform”, at least in a way that draws attention away from the Lord’s message. And yet, while we cannot achieve perfection in worship, God deserves the best that we can offer, ministering to others in ways that engage more deeply.

At MSW, we want to assist the growth and development of worship team members.  We are eager to help meet your needs in either one-on-one settings or through group instruction.


For worship leaders, church musicians, and visual artists, members of our ministry team may be available to work with you individually in private lessons. Such sessions can be on a regular schedule, a single meeting to tackle a specific subject, or anything in between. We understand that many worship team members have full-time jobs away from their church, so we do not require any commitment to a recurring lesson schedule.

MSW Artist-Ministers feel privileged to work with you wherever you are in your development, and have a strong desire to help you grow more effective as a worship leader. And we always tailor one-on-one sessions to best meet the needs of each individual.

Please contact Russell Schmidt (MSW Coordinator of Education; contact info shown below) to explore how lessons through MSW can help you and your team members grow spiritually, musically, and artistically, in ways that allow a more meaningful connection with God. In some cases, MSW may be able to offer a complimentary first lesson to local or regional worship leaders, musicians, and visual artists.


Is your church struggling with questions like these right now?

  • How can we create a better "flow" in our worship services?
  • How do we get our music team to understand their true role in worship?
  • How can we be more effective with our visuals?
  • How can we enhance sound reinforcement or improve the mix in our chapel?

Getting help from outside experts is the right solution to such problems. But for many small churches, hiring a consultant (or team of worship professionals) is financially impossible. But MSW has many years of experience consulting churches on a variety of issues regarding worship, at little or no cost to the host church.  

MSW Artist-Ministers have the expertise to provide technical tips, music team consultation, advice about visual presentation and sound mix, all with ultimate goal of allowing worship teams to return their focus to the real purpose of worship. We believe that when pastors, worship leaders, church musicians, and visual artists truly commit to serving God’s word in worship, many of these problems become readily solvable.

Please contact Coordinator of Education Russell Schmidt to learn how MSW can present a Worship Workshop at your church.

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