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In 2011 MSW Provided a new industrial washing machine and dryer.

In 2015, Provided funding to purchase kitchen supplies that met code standards for facility to prevent costly government fines. Since goal was exceeded, excess proceeds purchased a new washing machine for another facility that cares for disabled kids in nearby Glussk.

Also in 2015: Kitchen Mission Accomplished: In April, MSW and friends answered the call to fund the new kitchen equipment, utensils and supplies necessary to bring the kitchen up to proper standards, avoiding heavy fines and securing a better future for these great kids!

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CHEHOVSCHINSKAYA Orphanage and Boarding School

The UNWANTED Find Refuge

Below is an excerpt of Vicki's blog from her first trip to Belarus in October 2011. It describes her visit  to the children of Chehovschinskaya. On this trip, she inspected the newly delivered industrial washing machine and clothes dryer provided through MSW, friends and partners...

Today we went to Chehovschinskaya!  
I have been waiting for this day, but was surprised at how emotional I felt when we drove onto the property. 

So many of these old buildings seem very imposing at first glance, but when you look again... you see that they are literally held together with bailing wire and twine. This one was built in1960 and never really was maintained properly. 

The government wanted to close it down but then ran across Artuom, who was familiar with the orphanage and asked for the opportunity to turn it around. He's been there with his wife, Inna, for two years now and has enormous struggles.  Yet his dreams are big.

Over lunch he told us the story of the orphanage and about his dreams for it. When he went from the details of the place to his dreams, you could see a marked difference in his countenance. His eyes started to sparkle and his face lit up. This is truly a man on a mission.

A great many of his children here are physically, mentally and developmentally challenged because of the alcohol abuse of their parents. His biggest goal is to create a place for them in a society that often rejects them. His statement was: 

"They have some mental struggles but they are not so mentally deficient that they don't realize the abuse of others. Our society is not kind to them. I believe they have so much to offer and I wish to train them to be able to deal with this lack of understanding and show everyone what they can do."  

- Vicki McDermitt, Belarus Report October 12th, 2011

For these seventy children, Chehovschinskaya is a refuge and hope in troubled times. We caught the vision of Artuom and his wife Inna who believe in these children; have vision for their future, and who desire to give them a chance to grow and flourish.

There are many unmet needs. MSW is prayfully considering and prioritizing the missions we'll take-up to meet those needs.

Please join us in our efforts.

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