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[Belarus Bits... Music on a Mission]

Thursday, October 26 2017
That Day Has Come! The endoscope has arrived, and just in time.

In my last communication I mentioned that I was excited for the day to come when the endoscope would be presented to Dr. Sergei of Ushachi Hospital. (Read about the endoscope's incredible journey here)


Drum roll please .....
That day has come!

Ludmilla Kozovaya traveled to Ushachi Hospital and delivered the endoscope to the good doctor. He’s a happy man!

Here are some pictures of that exciting day. We can’t imagine what this gift means to the healers at this little hospital. Although I was sad not to be there for the delivery, I’m grateful to God and to all of you who helped us get this much needed equipment to them.


  • Ludmilla looks at the battered box hoping there is nothing broken. The long journey to the Ushachi Hospital is over.
  • Dr Sergei greeting the gift bearers.
  • Before they open the box, they go through endless government paperwork.

outreach Belarus Dr. Sergei of Ushachi Hospital Belarus receiving new endoscope     Outreach Belarus lead surgeon Dr. Alexei inspects the new equipment given to Ushachi Hospital

  • The box is opened and everyone is excited to see the long awaited endoscope.
  • Dr Sergei gives lead surgeon, Dr. Alexei the first close look at the new equipment.

outreach Belarus, Kozovaya and Dr. Sergei of Ushachi Hospital present the endoscope.

Outreach Belarus Ushachi Hospital staff await to see the new equipment     Dr. Alexei, his assistant and Dr. Sergei of Ushachi Hospital -outreach Belarus

  • Kozovaya and Dr Sergei make the presentation to the entire staff of the hospital.
  • Everyone who was not caring for a patient was there to see it.
  • Dr Alexei, his assistant, and Dr. Sergei after the presentation.

Your generosity provided an important tool to help heal kids like this one.

We are excited to support the good work of these selfless doctors and caretakers in Jesus name.

Thank You!

PS: God is doing exciting things in Belarus and we will let you know about our next adventure soon. Winter is coming so the needs are great. Stay tuned!  

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