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Friday, September 01 2017
The endoscope is finally on its way!

Greetings friends,

After much ado, the endoscope is on a ship to Belarus. I'm so grateful to report that this project on its way to completion.

After a two-year search to find the right endoscope and have it repaired to "like new" condition, we located the only shipping company with permission to ship humanitarian aid to Belarus. At the beginning of March, we packed up our precious cargo and sent it in God's care to Portland to be loaded into a container filled with aid from the U.S. The loading process took several weeks, and we believed it would arrive sometime in late May or early June.
When the ship arrived, I received an emergency message from our partner Ludmilla Kozovaya saying the endoscope wasn’t there. You can imagine my dismay.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that although the endoscope was lost to me at that moment, it wasn’t lost to God. He knew where it was.

I made some calls and discovered, after a couple of days, that the shipping company hadn’t properly attached the Belarusian address to the package, so it hadn’t been loaded onto the ship. I found out that it had been returned to the shipping company. Someone there had placed it in a corner somewhere and had forgotten to notify us.

I was discouraged, we had worked so hard to find, repair, and ship this much-needed instrument to Dr. Sergei at The Ushachi hospital. They have been waiting for an endoscope for years, and they need it now! Our friends had entrusted us with financial support to make this happen. I intended to carry it myself but was told that it would not be safe to do that. All of these thoughts were running through my mind as I arranged for the endoscope to be placed on the next ship to Belarus.

It’s not possible to understand why things like this happen but it’s a reminder that God’s timing is right. It’s a reminder that control is an illusion. Only God is in control, and He knows what is best for us, and for the people of Belarus.

It’s a reminder to me, and I hope to all of us, of the reason we serve in Belarus. The needs are great because it’s hard to get anything done there. Ministries often choose not to go because the red tape is a nightmare and it’s much easier to work in countries that are open and friendly to outsiders.

For those of you who are involved with us in our mission to Belarus, you have heard me speak of the difficulties managing these processes, but you have more often heard me speak of the great things God is doing through His people in this beautiful little country.  
That’s why we are committed to continuing. It’s worth every inconvenience to be a part God’s work in Belarus.

Dr. Sergei will receive the gift he desperately needs, in Jesus name and right on time.
I'm excited for that day!      I’ll keep you posted!

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