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Wednesday, October 03 2018
A New Need For The Little Ones Of Belarus

Hi Friends

Well, summer is over, and……drum-roll…… we have a project at one of my favorite places; the Children’s Wing at Ushachi Hospital. We have received a request from our friend Dr. Sergei for help.

When I was there earlier in May, we walked through the children's area and he showed me cribs, mattresses and bed linens that had been patched and repaired beyond reason.

He has created a list of immediate needs with prices for each item.

I would like to share it with you, and request that you pray and consider if you are to be a part of this project. 🙏



  • Mattresses
    (10) Ten needed @ $75.00 ea. Total $750.00
  • Bedspreads:
    (10) Ten needed @ $20.00 ea. Total $200.00
  • Crib linen/accessories:
    (30) Thirty needed @ $20.00 ea. Total $600.00
  • Crib Blankets:
    (10) Ten needed @ $20.00 ea. Total $200.00
  • Children's Inhalers:
    (5) Five needed @ $60.00 ea. Total $300.00
  • Two small refrigerators:
    (1) One with a freezer and (1) one without needed @ $150.00 ea. Total $300.00
  • Television for Children's playroom:
    (1) One @ $750.00

The project total is $3,100.00

A gift of ANY amount is much appreciated. You can also purchase a single item or multiple items on the list.... a blanket... or mattress... or one or more of each!

However your heart leads—and if you are not to be a part, please pray that God will bring those who are supposed to help with these needs. PASS IT ON! We want to give everyone the opportunity to make these kids smile!


Thank you for your continued prayer for the people of Belarus. I'm excited for the hope these children will know because of your love and support. 💕



Music on a Mission serves to provide hope and tangible goods to the children and needy people of Belarus. If you'd like to support our humanitarian efforts in Belarus, please click here!

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Music Serving the Word is an outreach of MSW Ministries is a 501 (c) 3 organization 

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